The Leonessa, since she was born, has always had among her intentions to enhance the territory of Pelago and neighboring. In particular the products of his land, the historical and artistic places such as the castles of Nipozzano and Ferrano, the landscapes immersed in nature, its history but above all its cycling history.

Italy has always gone hand in hand with cycling. Both the Giro d’Italia, second only to the Tour de France, and the many champions, among them Coppi, Pantani, Moser, Bugno, the great bicycle brands such as Bianchi and the great innovators like Campagnolo, denote a visceral love for the sport.

Tuscany has given us great champions like Bartali, Nencini, Bettini, Cipollini, and many others. But also many artisans who, with their work have left us bicycles made with a mastery that, because of industrialization, technology and globalization, we have lost and perhaps a little forgotten.

With this page we of the Leonessa want you to remember one of these master craftsmen, considered at the time one of the best, who was born in Pelago, lived in County in the first and last years of his life and carried out his activity in Florence, that is

Giusto Pinzani.