The World Around Pinzani

One of the most important places in the life of Giusto Pinzani was definitely Via Giobert. After opening the shop at 85 in 1960s, he bought two apartments, next to each other in Via Gioberti 62. The Pinzani workshop was placed in a reality where manual labor and the art of making were daily bread. From the fountain maker to the shoemaker, from chicken coop to paper mill, to the hunting and fishing shop, next to the door of the old Pinzani house, for every commodity there was his shop and in some cases there were more than one, such as the three gardeners or the two butchers who always worked in competition with each other.

But the route has also been rich in cycling history. At the entrance of the street, at No.5, in a shop that no longer exists today, there was the workshop of the canvasist Vasco Montelatici. At number 15, however, there was the Maglieria of the Tortelli Sisters, who dressed Oltrarno, Pinzani and many other Florentine cycling teams and beyond. On the corner of Via Villari was the Morozzi store, which among others sold its own branded bicycles.