Vasco Montelatici

Vasco Montelatici, Florentine doc and great craftsman was a peer of Cino Cinelli, they competed together as Juniors in the 1930s. After the Second World War, Vasco opened a bicycle shop at 5 Gioberti Street, on the way to L'Affrico. A great mechanic, he repaired the bikes and created his own line of bicycles marked Montelatici, also sponsoring the riders. His friendship with Cino Cinelli remained strong, in fact when Vasco needed racing frames to put his name on, he went to his old friend Cino.
Montelatici was able to claim the coveted streak of World Champion thanks to the victory of Sante Ranucci at the 1955 World Amateur Championship (riding a Montelatici bicycle), thus earning Montelatici the coveted " world championship strips ".